Poem of the Month


Through the darkness of the trees… there is light,

The rushing stream can shimmer… with a sun beam,

Once a forest of hidden nightmares,

Threatening eyes lurking behind branches,

Upon me, a timid little thing

Hiding behind my heart,

Blind to the mysterious beauty out there,

Too stubborn and innocent to let go and explore

I’d lost my passion,

I’d lost myself.

And then, suddenly,

I was alone.

My world, once a shimmering crystal,

Now a shattered mass in the dark

Forced to let go,

Yet still, I stood proud.

I took a step towards the forest,

As I heard a wild mare cry,

I heard the sounds of a whisper,

I felt it was worth a try…

My crawl swiftly accelerated, I began to run,

As I saw the glimpse of her red coat glisten,

A wicker through the leaves,

As she turns her head to listen…

I called to her to mend my heart,

She led me through the trees,

I followed, trusting every step,

Leaves surround me in the breeze.

Deeper and deeper into this woodland,

For so long, forbidden to me,

Through their beautiful kind eyes,

At last, I could finally see…

Through the darkness of the trees, here is my light,

A hidden beauty, revealed, and I am not afraid,

As I stand within the core,

With this beautiful mare,

On this beautiful, lush grass,

Beneath these beautiful trees,

On this beautiful day,

Looking into your beautiful, kind, blue eyes. 
Heather McGowan ©2013



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