Writer’s Portfolio & Testimonials

On this page, listed below is a collection of examples of my popular blog posts and projects I have worked on for small businesses.

I have life experience in mental health & counselling, life coaching & personal development, martial arts (primarily traditional Karate), media and the equestrian world. I am happy to write accordingly to client’s request, however, these are the areas where I have that extra bit of knowledge due to personal experience. Growing up in the Lake District, I also have a keen interest in nature and the great outdoors as well as running and general fitness.

Popular Blog Posts

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True life account/ personal development/ inspirational/ life coaching:

Why I left university: shedding the leaves of denial & anxiety 

When Acorns Become Oak Trees

How to take control of your time: The Real-timetable

Lifestyle/ beauty:

Why I got a pixie cut

6 Tips to help plan and study for assignments

Spontaneous Blog Post #3: No more smart phones for me!


Autumn Inspiration: What I love about the Fall…

Beautiful Day for Blooming

Times to be Mindful


Freelance Projects

Annis’s Felted Creations

Annis is the owner of a small, yet popular crafts business in The Lake District requested my writing skills to assist with/ edit some creative material online to promote herself as an artist. The content is published on the website of one of the galleries where Annis sells her unique felted products:

The Viridian Gallery

“Heather put together my description so well with the information I gave her, the wording and making it flow is where I struggled, I was grateful for Heather’s professional guidance in promoting my business.” – Annis McGowan


You can check out my poetry and creative writing examples here.